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St John NSW

An information and resource platform, connecting staff and volunteers.


We did

  • Early Stage Product Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Fullstack Web Development
St John NSW Business Units

Design and build a centralised space for St John NSW’s staff and thousands of volunteers to access and curate content and documentation.

Existing platforms would prove too expensive at scale – especially for a non-profit organisation. St John’s event volunteers are often on-the-go at festival style events so the app would need to be easy to use on all devices.

St John NSW Members Web Screenshots

The two main user types would be St John staff and volunteers. Staff would be uploading and updating content and resources, and the volunteers would be making use of it.


What value does it create for users? An easy to use go-to place for all documents, instructions, and contacts that didn’t previously exist. It helps create clarity for a wide user base.


What value does it create for St John? The platform would remove confusion, time wastage managing documents across multiple platforms, and the risk of unknowingly having volunteers access out of date first aid information. On top of this, a platform of their own would allow them to control the cost without needing to license something for lots of staff and thousands of volunteers.

We worked to distill the user needs for both primary user types into just 8 core features for the first release:

For staff:

  • Add and manage content ‘spaces’
  • Upload documents
  • Create and edit content pages
  • Add and edit events
  • Review and create volunteer users and their content

For volunteers:

  • Access content pages
  • Download resources
  • Find contact information for relevant St John staff
St John NSW Members Web Screenshots

The app was tested with staff first, and once core content and documentation had been added, volunteers were onboarded to provide feedback on the platform. After some iteration and improvement, the wider volunteer base were onboarded.

Tools and integrations




React Router





Office 365 User Integration

Google Analytics

The Outcome


Active monthly users


Loadspeed rating from Google PageSpeed Insights

< 2 mins

to find the resource you want (analytics data)


Cost save from bespoke build vs alternative solution