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A website refresh to communicate Brandalism’s position as an agency that solves bigger strategic challenges for ‘bigger’ brands.
Strategists, not just ‘doers’.


We did

  • UX and Design Strategy
  • Visual Web Design (Responsive)
  • Prototyping
  • Web Development

Brandalism were getting plenty of enquiries through their website, but they were mostly from leads that didn’t have the budget to work with Brandalism, or who’s need didn’t match Brandalism’s true value proposition as content strategists.

Instead they were enquiries for social media content only, one-off projects, paid campaigns only – but not the broader strategy offering.

The core problems identified with the existing site were:

  • Attracting smaller budget clients or those were not the best fit
  • Website not communicating Brandalism’s position/value offering clearly
  • Brandalism team not entirely happy about existing visual design

We started with some research, looking at the site designs of bigger and ‘more notable’ agencies known for working with bigger brands. We looked for patterns in the way these sites were designed, with a hunch that big brands would associate patters common to ‘big agency’ sites with a higher positioning.


By then applying the appropriate patterns we found to the design of the new Brandalism site, our hypothesis was that Brandalism would appear to bigger-brand users who were looking at the site as a ‘bigger’ or  ‘higher value’ agency.


Of course, we let the content experts themselves, Brandalism drive the strategy and creation of the site’s content.


Brandalism’s founder Tracy was hesitant at the start of the project because she’d worked with designers before to try and redesign the site, but never been quite happy with the results.


To make sure we started off on the right foot, we had a collaborative ‘design intensive’ day.

Brandalism Artboards

Tracy joined us in the office for the whole day and our designers worked on look-and-feel mockups of what the site could look like, letting Tracy be a part of the process and provide her insight and feedback on the spot. From this we came to a look and feel that everyone felt represented the brand.     

Brandalism Screens

Paris Touma
Quote from Brandalism

“We are loving the new website, and have seen an increase in site visits and a shift in the types of enquiries we have been receiving – not as many small requests.”

Paris Touma, General Manager

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