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A small challenge with a big impact.


We did

  • Technical Consulting
  • WordPress Development

The civil engineering, design and project management powerhouse, AT&L were facing a complex issue with their customer facing website. The main web component of the site, a large slider was taking over 15 seconds to load.

The web slider is a central piece to the existing AT&L site, without it loading quickly, users would be likely to feel like the site is unresponsive and bounce. A study by Google found that the probability of users bouncing drastically increases after a page has been loading for over 5 seconds.

After consulting with another web development company. AT&L were recommended that they should completely rebuild the website which would cost a considerable mount of effort, time and money.

AT&L and Fullstack thought there had to be another way forward.

AT&L Code

For such a complex issue, we needed to do a thorough investigation into what was causing the issue with the load-speed. We noticed two immediate flags with the website.

  1. The first, was the slider. The slider was using an open source JavaScript slider that was last updated 10 years ago (2009). It was apparent that the slider may not be optimised for most modern web browsers.
  2. The second, was an out of date script file on the site. We noticed that this script wasn’t behaving well. The script was blocking other site resources from loading, and because of this the site was being bottlenecked.
AT&L Screenshot

With two sound hypotheses we decided to put them to the test!

We copied the WordPress site over to a local environment to do our testing. We decided to do the easiest solution first, this was of course removing the out of date script from the site.

We found that the script was being injected into the web pages through ASP.NET as opposed to WordPress which is generally bad practice. Once we located the location of the scripted we removed it as soon as we saw it.

Tools and integrations



Google Chrome Development Tools




The Outcome

Once the script was removed we noticed an immediate improvement. The slider began to load at optimal speeds again. The slider’s load time reduced by approximately 10-12 seconds.

We deployed the fix in the production environment and the client saw an immediate improvement with the load speed.

12 Seconds

Faster to load


Cost saving when compared to rebuild