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Unless you’re a small business or solopreneur, using a standard template for your business’s website is hurting your potential to convert leads into sales.

Websites built using SquareSpace, common WordPress themes, Wix and Weebly offer a cheap solution to the common need of creating a basic business website. This is great for small business and solopreneurs. These platforms are for the person that doesn’t have any web development or programming knowledge, but needs to build a website and isn’t planning on hiring a web designer or developer.

But… they’re not an adequate solution for a small business who wants an effective digital presence. They won’t do you justice.

Templates are created by other designers and developers to suit a basic and generally non-specific purpose. By using a template, you’re effectively using someone else’sdesigned product to communicate your business and your brand’s purpose.

Using templates restricts the design of your website, which restricts your ability to communicate why your business is unique and important. Needing to add anything remotely custom, be it spacing between elements, creating graphic and text overlays, calendars, or membership functionality can be cumbersome and often clumsy in practice. By using a template you’re restricted to working in the confines of only what the template offers. The offer of the template is often inconsistent to a brand’s own goal, purpose and strategy for a website.

Building from scratch, or refreshing one’s website are generally for brands looking to optimise their identity and build a stronger digital presence. To achieve this properly, they need a full digital experience that comfortably fits into their brand guidelines so users can experience it to its full potential.

Using a template without properly applying your branding can make your website, and by extension your digital presence, unhelpful towards your branding and marketing efforts.

An effective website speaks your brand’s purpose and meaning. Using the same strategy that works for one brand and overlaying it onto your business model is not an effective digital strategy. The website being built for your business needs to be able to stand on its own and speak your offering as best as it can.

Posted 19.12.18