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Prototype Sprint Illustration

Prototype Sprint

Start with a broad problem, opportunity or idea, and come out with a user tested and prototyped solution in 2 weeks.

A guaranteed outcome

Prototype Sprint Brainstorm


Prototype Sprint Prototype

  1. 1.

    Your product will be validated with users.

    Validate your idea before you spend time, energy, and money producing your product.
    Take away valuable product learnings to make sure you’re headed for success.

  2. 2.

    You’ll have an interactive visual prototype to demo your product.

    You’ll end up with a prototype covering the core features and journeys of your product. Your prototype can be used as a demo, vision, proof-of-concept or an MVP.

How it works

Prototype Sprint Illustration

We’ve constructed the prototype sprint process after running countless design and development projects with a broad range of partners in an array of industries.

Working both directly with clients and being routinely entrusted by other agencies to lead design and development, our team has had practice working with many fortune 500s, startups and SMEs.

The Sprint Process

The sprint process is a hands-on collaborative process for both your team and Fullstack.

Problem Exploration, Mapping & Definition

Day 1

Problem Exploration, Mapping & Definition

Solution Mapping, Ideation and Sketching

Day 2

Solution Mapping, Ideation and Sketching

Prototype Creation

Day 3 – 5

Prototype Creation

User Testing & Validation

Day 6 – 7

User Testing and Validation

Debrief and Delivery

Day 7

Debrief & Delivery

What you’ll get


Interactive prototype to show investors & decision makers


Clarity of “product purpose” & a potential business model


Unified vision and clarity for yourself and founding team


A user tested and validated prototype with real feedback


Value proposition to communicate to investors and customers


Understanding of future “full build” costs

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