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Choosing to partner with the right digital agency will set you up to better achieve the results you want, create a profitable long term business relationship, and enjoy the whole process.

If you’re at a medium to large sized company, It can be daunting choosing an agency, especially if you’re responsible for the outcome of the project. You don’t want the project to backfire and have your head on the chopping block. That’s why you do all the research that you do, and get a few proposals from different agencies – but you need to know what you should be looking for in an agency, right?

Depending on the size of your company or business, you’ll be looking for different things in an agency. If you’re a global company, then you’ll be looking for an agency who has a portfolio that fits your brand, and can guarantee reliable management and delivery of a project your size.

If you’re an SME, you have the most flexibility in comparison to bigger companies and smaller freelance businesses. If business is booming and you’re looking for an agency to help you grow, then you can afford to look at larger or more premium agencies, to really up your game. If you need something cheap, look for a local agency who have a visible portfolio that they’re willing to share, good quality of work, and who have great communication skills. That’s what you need.

In either case, it’s critical to have an agency that you trust.

A lack of trust will lead to stress, a need to micromanage, unnecessary disagreements, and a feeling that you’re just not getting everything you should out if your agency

Small businesses will go to a freelancer in most cases, but if you’re looking to invest properly, then you need to look for a small or boutique agency that you can afford. That’s unless you know a freelancer who you’re positive can bring just as much, or more, to the table.

If an agency seems excited about your business it’s a great sign, especially if they’ve already got a solid flow of work and don’t desperately need your business. Interest shows that you’re not just another job to pay the bills, but a business they can really get behind.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with an agency so that you get the best out of the relationship, and they do too:

  1. You want to create a win-win situation. This means defining a healthy working relationship at the beginning. Tell the agency how you’d like to work with them, then learn their process and discover how you’ll bring out the best in each other. If you’re not sure, let them lead you.
  2. Let the agency do their thing, but make sure that they listen to you and what you really need from them at the beginning. If an agency doesn’t ask you questions it’s probably a bad sign. To understand exactly what you need, an agency needs to ask clarifying questions and really probe the issue.
  3. Try and write a brief before you approach an agency, so that you already know what you want, or what you need the agency to help you solve. Going in with a clear understanding will help agencies know how to respond and whether the project is right for them. It will also help you pick up and know which agencies are really switched on.
  4. It’s better to approach the agency with a problem that they need to solve, rather than a solution that you’ve already guessed is correct. You should definitely give them your ideas but don’t pigeonhole them into your solution, because you might have missed something. If you’re an expert in the field it’s a bit different, but if you’re paying an agency you may as well let them fully do their job.
  5. Look for an agency that shares your values and culture. If you’re not aligned you can clash on everything, from concepts, to copy and design.
  6. You may as well pick people you think you’ll enjoy working with as long as they pass all your other requirements of course. Life’s too short to cause yourself grief, enjoy the process especially if it’s a creative one.

At Fullstack Digital we believe in working with the right people. When we talk to a new client we like to make sure we’re as in line with them as possible, their brand, and their goals. That way we’ll be able to do truly awesome work. If we’re not a fit, we’re more than happy to recommend another local agency who might be a better fit.

Posted 19.12.18